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The Stoller Story



"On the last day of the world, I would plant a tree." -W.S. Merwin

Inspired by maintaining a close connection to the everyday miracles of nature, Stoller Honey has found itself at the heart of the natural food and sustainability movements since 1926.


A multi-generational family business, our company began as nothing more than one man's desire to provide one of nature's simplest, healthiest, and sweetest delights to his family.

Through the years, what started as merely providing for our own has become about sharing with all.

We see ourselves now as custodians of a future committed to transparently sourced wholesome food; the cultivation and preservation of health; and the dedication to a certain craft.


One might also call it a practice - a meditation and remembrance of right relationship between mankind and the land.

Here's to health, natural food, longevity and quality of life, simple pleasures, and you - our visitor. 


May you deeply experience and enjoy all these things.

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